Thursday, January 12, 2012


Besides being a technotard my husband is also a bit of a chicken.  He is afraid of heights and prefers to keep his feet planted firmly on the ground that is why I was shocked when he agreed to go skydiving while we were in New Zealand last month.   There was no bribing nor begging nor taunting on my part to  coerce him into participating in such a high risk adventure.   I thought that perhaps he might chicken out at the last minute but he went through with it.  He's a changed man.  Hopefully he'll keep changing, maybe into something like this...

or this....

or maybe even this....
yeah, maybe in my dreams.

So do you want to see proof of the jump?  Check this out!


  1. I am literally DYING of laughter! I KNEW he was a secret agent, this is part of my PROOF. 007 ian jenner- out! SO funny!
    I love it with ALL my heart.

    1. You know that if you discover his secret identity, he may have to kill you right?

  2. I love that other than lip curl caused by the wind, he pretty much has same expression he usually does.