Thursday, February 24, 2011


Last week Matthew came back from Ikea  with a stuffed toy vegetable set to match the fruit set that we have for the kids play kitchen.  As William pulled all the vegetables out of the basket, Kere did a double take, Matthew looked confused and I burst into laughter.   We think it's supposed to be a leek.

I think I'll hide it away in my drawer.

Monday, February 14, 2011


Did you know that Ian and I met for the first time on Valentine's Day? (insert Hallelujah Chorus)  That was 31 years ago... yes, I am that old... sigh.... but don't worry the romance is still going strong.

I  made some lovely lingerie this morning for Ian to enjoy...

The bras...

 The Panties...

The set...

The card... (To our most valued customer; Thank you for all your business.  Have a "Happy" Valentine's Day.  From your friends at Victoria's Secret.)

The gift box.

This all got delivered to him at work today anonymously.  I wonder if he'll know who it's from?

Unfortunately for Ian, this collection is no reflection of items to be found in my lingerie drawer.

Saturday, February 12, 2011


I have neglected writing this month because:

  1. I was in San Diego (colder than usual but warmer than home).
  2. I've been babysitting a couple of sick kids (Lilah & Maia, the day after I got home).
  3. I've been adjusting to the three hour time difference (not tired at night but the morning is a killer).
  4. I've been lazy (that's the real excuse).
I'll be sure to entertain you with some interesting stories next week.  I have a couple of deliciously naughty things planned for Valentine's Day so stay tuned.....