Saturday, July 13, 2013

SUNDAY SMILE (a day early)

For those of you who have not seen this yet, it is definitely a must watch.  This is an actual news report that went  on air the other day.
I am left wondering how many people saw these names before it went to air.  Even I knew there was Sum Ting Wong as soon as I saw it.
Thanks to my son Daniel who shared this with me.  It made made a great day even better!

Thursday, July 11, 2013


We have been at our new house for two weeks now on and off (we've been doing work at our old house as well).  So far...

  • two bedrooms have been painted.
  • three trees have been cut down.  I have a sneaking suspicion that the next time I leave town a fourth will fall.  Dear boys, if you touch that maple I am going to be very angry!
  • we've been visited by Daniel, Olivia, and Waverlea twice.
  • we've had two visitors from North Bay.
  • I've hit the garage door post with one of the vehicles.
  • Ian's got grease on our white carpet, fortunately I noticed this right away and got it out.  Ian wishes I was as good at noticing the side of the garage door.  
  • we have a quarter of the two car garage cleared.
  • we've come to the conclusion that we own way too much stuff.
  • Olivia introduced herself to our Italian neighbors twice,once when she ran the kayak into their beach and then again when she ran the kayak into their fishing boat.  This all happened within the space of about a minute.  
  • I met our Italian neighbors sans bra and in my pajamas.  It was four in the afternoon. (I was painting, don't judge.) We're making quite the impression.
  • we've swum in the river every day.  It's not getting old.
  • we wage battle with the Canada geese that like to come poop on our lawn every single day.  It is getting old. We're not winning...yet! I think this one is going to get it's own post someday soon.