Friday, September 25, 2009


Before I even got out of bed this morning, I switched on the television, watched the news, and smiled as the weatherman predicted a cooling trend for next week mingled with rain and wind. Usually this revelation would bring on melancholy as I ponder the fact that fall is here and winter not far behind it but not today. No, not today.  It could snow next week for all I care.  Tomorrow I will drive to the big city, get on a plane, fly to Rome, then climb on board a ship for a Mediterranean cruise.  I can hardly wait.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


It seems like all summer I have been running at full tilt planning showers,weddings, dances, and then helping three kids pack up and move out. After months of having a full house and cooking for a crowd, I now find myself an empty-nester. Hmm ... now what do I do with myself? I've read a few books, cleaned and organized a few rooms. I bought a label maker and labeled things. (Ange, you would be proud) I even impressed my husband by removing channels we didn't get from the guide. I admit I was starting to get a bit bored but I didn't realize I was addicted to party planning until last night when I received an email from a friend who is helping her friend plan a wedding for January. She asked where I got my paper lanterns from and I immediately started to form ideas in my head as to how they could decorate and then went on the internet to garner even more ideas. This is not a good sign. I have nothing to do with this reception. My name is Fionna and I am a party planning addict. Please help!

Sunday, September 20, 2009


I was in what I like to call a Martha-esque mood when I made a cake for Daniel and Olivia's little mini reception. That basically means I was at my creative zenith , willing to spend ages fiddling with tiny little details. The result was awesome and the complements that followed went straight to my head. I was quite pleased with myself. My reason for this post is not to brag (okay, maybe a little) but rather to save me time in explaining how I created this masterpiece. After sending out three emails last week with directions (silly me didn't think to copy and paste) I thought I would just post the directions on my blog and direct enquiries here.
The cake is simple to put together but does require some time. Trust me, the adulation you receive will be welll worth it.

First, you will need to pick about 100 or so small leaves off a bush or tree. Leaves that look similar to those of a maple tree work best.
Wash and dry the leaves then paint the back of the leaves with melted coloured chocolate. I bought the merkins buttons at the bulk food store and spent $4.oo total on all the buttons and I had some left over.
I used my finger to spread it over the leaves (don't worry, I washed my hands thoroughly first). I put the leaves in the fridge to set and then carefully, and I mean carefully, pulled the leaves from the chocolate. Unfortunately, quite a few broke. I was able to hide some of the broken ones behind the good ones but alas, some just had to be eaten... ahem... I mean... discarded.
The acorns were made from caramels rolled into balls then flattened a bit on one end which was then dipped into a bit of melted chocolate and dipped again into little chocolate sprinkles.
I iced the cake with regular chocolate buttercream icing and then starting form the centre working out, layered the leaves.
I told you it was simple.

Sunday, September 13, 2009


As if I haven't had enough to do this summer, I decided to hold a mini dessert reception and dance for Daniel and Olivia last night. Out came the candles, tulle, and paper lanterns again. Fireworks were also purchased for the occasion. Awesome!
The boys were put in charge of setting them off. Red, green, and yellow stars lit the sky and we were all enjoying the show when all of a sudden an explosion lit up the bush behind the guys. At this point I am thinking "uh oh, I hope it doesn't catch fire" when the next thing I know, another bolt of explosives heads straight for a group of guests watching at what we thought was a safe distance. The group of girls I was standing with all started laughing at this turn of events , that is until a streak of white headed in our direction. Three girls took off in all directions, screaming at the top of their lungs, while I was left doubled over unable to move an inch in fear of laughing so hard I would wet my pants completely. Total awesomeness!!!!!!

Saturday, September 12, 2009


I mentioned to Daniel that I was so going to enjoy his wedding because all I had to do was show up when his lovely bride to be piped up and told me I was giving a speech. What???? I thought only the fathers did that? So much for my free ride.
I decided to forgo the usual advice giving , welcome to the family, speech and came up with a top ten list.

10. We wear the same shoe size. (smile)
9. I won't have to stay up late and chaperone any more. (I still stay up late and I actually didn't really need to chaperone. They weren't teenagers)
8. It's good to know that there is actually someone that takes longer than my daughter in the shower. (Didn't think that was possible)
7. She can actually put up with Daniel. (didn't think that one was possible either.)
6. Did I mention we wear the same shoe size? (she has left her shoes at our house on numerous occasions. They may or may not have been worn by me.)
5. They are going to provide beautiful grandchildren for me. ( I like this one the best)
4. I've always thought it would be cool to belong to a big Italian family. (this one was changed at the last minute after Olivia suggested I not use the word Mafia. There were about 100 Italians in the room so chances are...)
3. Daniel can try to teach Olivia to be on time. ( She was an hour late for the wedding rehearsal the day before. It frustrates Daniel to no end and provides a great deal of amusement for the rest of us who have had to wait for Daniel over the years.)
2. She hooks me up with some serious bling. (At this point, I put a huge necklace on. It was a big yellow and black caution sign that said : Beware Mother-In-Law. Olivia did actually give it to me.)
1.I now know for sure that it is possible to love someone else's child as much as your own. (This produced a collective awwwww from the guests and tears from my new daughter-in-law. I almost cried too.)
When I got back to my table, feeling quite pleased with myself, my brand new son-in-law and fairly new (3 years) daughter-in-law were not happy. "NOW you know for sure? You didn't know before?????
Oops, sorry!
For the record, I love them too.

Monday, September 7, 2009


Some of you laughed at my darling husband's request as to where we kept the scissors (the same place they've been since we moved to this house 11 years ago) and perhaps wondered if it was a momentary memory lapse brought on by the panic of actually having to participate in craft making. Oh, if only such was the case.
Ian: "Where are some clean sheets for the bed, Nathan needs some?"
Me: "The same place they've always been."
"And where would that be?"
"Are you serious?"
"Well how often do I make the bed?"
"Point taken. In the LINEN closet at the top of the stairs, next to the bathroom and across from the bedrooms".

This morning: (I will point out that Ian was helping with the dishes.)
Ian, holding up a cake pan.
"Where does this go?"
I give him the stare down and say nothing for a few seconds.
"yes, seriously!"
"The same place it has always gone."
"Oh, down here under the oven?"
"That would be a no. It goes in the cupboard beside the oven."
"How am I supposed to know these things?"
How is he supposed to know these things? Well maybe because most of the things he's looking for have been in the same spot for the past eleven years!
It's not just him though, our boys are notorious for not being able to find things in plain sight. I used to charge them a dollar if I could find something in the same place I told them they would find it, after searching for it themselves. I made a fair bit of money for a while until they learned to search better. It must be a man thing.