Tuesday, September 27, 2011


The other day we decided to go on an afternoon drive to Algonquin Park to admire the autumn colours.  We were not the only ones to think this would be a perfect way to spend an early fall afternoon and as we arrived at the park's visitor centre we were surprised at the amount of cars and tour buses in the parking lot.  We enjoyed a pleasant couple of hours touring the facility and then returned to the car for the one hour drive back to Matthew's.  As we were putting kids in car seats (a time consuming activity), we noticed a white Toyota  backing out of a spot close to the entrance just as someone else was pulling in.  The person pulling in stopped and waited for the Toyota to finish pulling out but the driver of the Toyota stopped, blocking all traffic, and sat there and waited, we're not sure what for.  We all stopped what we were doing to watch.  The Toyota just sat there for the longest time and then finally moved.  As I got into our car I overheard derogatory comments about Asian drivers.  I don't care much for stereotyping people because of their gender or race,  I gave that up in about grade six or seven when I discovered that boys didn't actually have cooties nor were they especially stupid (well the jury's still out on that one).  On the ride home though, I bean to think there was some credence to the idea that Asian drivers...hmmm... how do I put this nicely?....sucked!  We got stuck following behind the Toyota for a fair while driving on roads that were windy and narrow with very few opportunities to pass.  The posted speed was 90km but we often were slowed down to 40km and on the crest of hills we were practically stopped.  Perhaps the driver was nervous because of these signs.

There were plenty of them around (the signs that is, not the moose).  

As we were finally able to pass, I glanced over at the female, asian,driver who sat hunched over the steering wheel intent on the road ahead, white knuckles clenched, and clearly nervous.  

The whole situation reminded me of one of my favourite episodes of the Office.  

While driving behind the Toyota I noticed the license plate and snapped a picture.
BMAD?  We were after driving a good fifteen minutes behind her, we were also afraid.

Sunday, September 25, 2011


Remember these?   Well, I've found some more.  Oh how times have changed.

I did receive a vacuum cleaner  once for Christmas many, many, years ago.  Yes, Ian is still alive.   I was young and stupid back then.

Why was I not aware of this? What a horrible mother I was insisting that my kids drink water or fruit juice.

The best fifteen cents a mother ever spent.

Am I the only one that detects some sexual overtones here?

Men are better than women?  Yeah, if you're gay!  There's some serious man-on-man eye contact going on there. I think this is the precursor to Brokeback Mountain.  "Nice knickerbockers friend"  
"Why, thank you." This ad was definitely written by a gay man.

Tracy Harper's mom was more concerned about  her daughter looking "fashionable" than she was about her daughter being labeled chubby. Tracy was born a few decades too early, by today's standards she's practically anorexic.

And we're concerned about our kids playing with toys manufactured in China. 

Cultivate alcoholism more like it.

Because I want nothing but the best for my boys. 

And here all these years I've been keeping cellophane away from my babies.

Can anyone say sexist?  Finest projection? Just what is it they're selling? Do you think those twins are adopted?

So not true! Trust me on this one.

Dear Adman; Sooner or later your wife will drive home the fact she hates this ad by running over you.

Blow in my face buddy and see the places you'll go!

Friday, September 16, 2011


I have a number of friends who have told me that they like to keep up on reading my blog but they miss some posts because they are never quite sure when I publish a new one.  I suggest that they "follow" me and then they won't miss any.


I go on to explain how to "follow"my blog but I can tell that after the first sentence, I have lost them.

Apparently most of my friends are like these people.

Admit it.

Friday, September 2, 2011


I came across  "Bluntcard" today which is basically  a site where you can send ecards to your friends and family.  They are all 50's style and some are outrageously funny.  Unfortunately a lot of the cards contain totally inappropriate language so I don't suggest that you go to the site unless that kind of language doesn't bother you at all.   As I perused the cards I found some that I could instantly think of the perfect recipients to send them to.

This one for instance made me think of Daniel.  He's really not that conceited but he likes to dress nicely and he often gets compliments on his attire.

Matthew and Nathan once set off fireworks at an outdoor party we had for Daniel and Olivia.  They went awry.  You can read that post here.

This could actually apply to a few of my friends so I won't call anyone in particular out.

I know a guy who takes every opportunity he can to humiliate his wife on Facebook.  Recently, she has succeeded in retaliating.  Mandy, I think you should send this one to Matt.

Sorry Lisa and Cora, I am totally calling you out on this one.  Don't feel bad, I am confessing to being just as guilty to this sort of behavior.  There are a few more of you out there. You know who you are. 

And finally.....

How great IS it to have a friend as wonderful  as me?  Lisa?  Cora?