Sunday, September 25, 2011


Remember these?   Well, I've found some more.  Oh how times have changed.

I did receive a vacuum cleaner  once for Christmas many, many, years ago.  Yes, Ian is still alive.   I was young and stupid back then.

Why was I not aware of this? What a horrible mother I was insisting that my kids drink water or fruit juice.

The best fifteen cents a mother ever spent.

Am I the only one that detects some sexual overtones here?

Men are better than women?  Yeah, if you're gay!  There's some serious man-on-man eye contact going on there. I think this is the precursor to Brokeback Mountain.  "Nice knickerbockers friend"  
"Why, thank you." This ad was definitely written by a gay man.

Tracy Harper's mom was more concerned about  her daughter looking "fashionable" than she was about her daughter being labeled chubby. Tracy was born a few decades too early, by today's standards she's practically anorexic.

And we're concerned about our kids playing with toys manufactured in China. 

Cultivate alcoholism more like it.

Because I want nothing but the best for my boys. 

And here all these years I've been keeping cellophane away from my babies.

Can anyone say sexist?  Finest projection? Just what is it they're selling? Do you think those twins are adopted?

So not true! Trust me on this one.

Dear Adman; Sooner or later your wife will drive home the fact she hates this ad by running over you.

Blow in my face buddy and see the places you'll go!