Monday, August 29, 2011


Remember this little girl?  

So sweet....

So cute....

So photogenic.

Well, she's discovered that when the camera comes out (real or pretend) she's supposed to smile. 

Forced smile #1

Forced smile # 2

This is going to make taking good family shots next to impossible.

We think she's been taking lessons from her older sister.

Friday, August 26, 2011


If you didn't know already, Matthew, his wife, and all four of their children, have been staying with us for the past month while they wait to move into their new home.  Added to that, we have had quite a few extra visitors as well so needless to say, I have been busy.  This will explain why I haven't been posting much.  For some of you this is a more than adequate excuse but some nags readers think their needs come first.  You know who you are! a friend posted a link on my Facebook page that made me laugh out loud and I just had to share it with you.  I especially liked the movie case (read the description of the movie above the title).  So basically I am cheating but some bloggers might consider this "featuring".   Thank you Ninon, and the rest of you enjoy!

Here's the link.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Kere's favourite place to shop is the Dollar Store.  She can spend ages in there and it's not unusual for me to leave her in there while I finish the rest of my shopping only to come back and find her just a few aisles over from where I left her.  My favourite part of shopping at the Dollar Store is discovering things like this...

and toys like this....

We're not quite sure what this is supposed to be but it came in a pack of sea creature bath toys. I'd be interested to know if any of you have seen something like this in your travels.  I've seen something similar to this but closer to home.  It's called an eel people, get your minds out of the gutter!

This is the flip side.

And here's proof that the Dollar Store thinks its customers are of a less than stellar intelligence stock...
 In case you can't read the little sticker on the upper right hand corner of the bags, it reads "Birthday ", you know, just in case you weren't able to decipher that fact on your own.  I guess they don't want you to put a wedding gift in it by mistake.  How embarrassing would that be?

Sunday, August 14, 2011


I now know why Dollarama can sell their toys for so cheap...

they're breeding them.

Friday, August 12, 2011


When we arrived at the Buffalo airport after our trip to California I spotted a limo driver standing at the arrivals gate holding a sign for his customer.  Usually they will hold the sign at chest level where it is easy to spot but I guess this guy's arms were tired because he just held the sign with his arms hanging down which was unfortunate because the sign he held said "Johnson" and it looked more like he was naming a body part than looking for his fare.   All my party were ahead of me so I couldn't point him out and I was sorely tempted to stop and take a picture but it was kind of an awkward spot to just stop and hold up the foot traffic behind me so I opted to keep walking ( I am so disappointed in myself, it was such an awesome sight).  I came home and laughingly told Kere about it and she just gave me a blank stare wondering what the heck I was finding so funny.
"The sign said 'Johnson'...get it?"

"No, what's a Johnson?"

"Ummm... an outboard motor."  I replied not wanting to destroy her innocence.  

A commercial from the 1980's when the word "Johnson" was used in a very different manner and yes, I know I am immature.


Way back in February, I returned to my car after having had lunch in town, to discover a parking ticket on my window.  I was not happy.  I had put money in the meter but it wasn't working properly so I couldn't tell exactly how much time I had on it.  The ticket fee? $5.00    I know it's not much but in principle I felt it was unfair to be ticketed when the meter clearly was not working.  I took a picture of the meter with my phone because I knew right then and there I was going to fight it.

Last week I finally got my day in court and so, it seemed, did a hundred other people. I was not thrilled to see that my name was last on the docket.  I sat through over an hour  of various traffic violation pleas and sentences.  It was kind of like watching Court TV, interesting for the first two minutes but then you just want to change the channel.  At a recess, the crown attorney asked if there were any in the courtroom that she had not spoken to yet in regards to parking infractions.  To make a long story short, I was directed to another room where I met with a by-law officer to show my picture as evidence.  I was surprised when he asked me to provide the date stamp on the photo.... did he think I took the time to wander all over town searching for a faulty meter just so I could beat a five dollar ticket?   Fortunately, I knew exactly how to do find the date stamp on the photo (I had my computer with me) and I really wished Ian was there to see me do it.  He would have been suitably impressed, the guy I showed wasn't.  I think he was a bit put out that I could prove I was wrongly accused.  I was directed to return to the courtroom and a short while later  was informed that the charges were withdrawn and I was free to leave.  I was a little disappointed.  Why?  Well there was an older lady sitting in front of me waiting for her turn and it wasn't until the recess that I realized that she was blind, like white cane kind of blind.  I was intrigued.  What kind of driving/parking violation was she guilty of? During the recess she used her cane to walk to the crown attorney and hand her a large envelope.  While she was away, a man came and sat in the seat she had occupied.  When she returned to her seat she almost sat on him, she was that blind.  I certainly couldn't even imagine her driving, okay maybe I could because my imagination is a bit over the top, but still...a blind lady driving?

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


I am not American therefore I did not take part in the voting of the current President of the United States so can sit here smugly and chuckle over this.

Apparently this is not the only billboard these people have erected. 

To be fair, I should include a couple of billboards taking shots at the former President.

Quite frankly, the US seems to be in such a mess these days that I pity the next president.  Whoever it is, will have a daunting task in front of them. America's like a tinderbox and with one false move, poof! up it goes in flames.

It had better not spread northward.