Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I have a confession to make, I'm a Gleek. In fact, I just bought the entire first season of Glee with the plan to wrap it up and give it to myself for Christmas... I often do this so that I am guaranteed at least one present I want... but my resolve wavered and it got opened as soon as I got back to Brittany's.  Nathan and Emily have been coming over each night to watch it too.  I knew we had overdone it when Brittany and I both happened to have dreams about Glee on the same night.  Last night as we were discussing this over dinner at the mall... we eat high class... Ben joined the conversation and mentioned something about "Huck". Brittany corrected him "you mean Puck?"
Ben then carried on about thinking his name was "Huck" like from the song.  The song? what song?
Ben then began to sing "Huckleberry Finn in the old oak tree merry merry something something".

This was all sung to the tune of a very familiar Australian song.

We all looked at each other and started to laugh.  "I think the words are kookaburra sits in the old gum tree, merry merry king of the bush is he..."

This is the same guy who until recently thought that when someone gave you their cast off clothes they were called handy downs.

Brittany has her work cut out for her.


You have to admit, there a more than a few words in the english language which upon seeing them printed for the first time can prove a little difficult to pronounce properly.

We once played a game in our weekly family night when Ian took a look at the card and announced that he wasn't even going to ask the question because he had no idea what the word was or how to even pronounce it.  I urged him to at least try.

 "Chee - hoo - ah - hoo - ah."he sounded out.

"What? Let me see the card." I demanded.

I read the card and immediately fell into fits of laughter.

When I finally got control of myself I was able to tell him the meaning of the word along with the correct pronunciation.

"It's a dog, a chihuahua, you know, like on the Taco Bell commercials."

To this day whenever we see a chihuahua, I point it out and say "Look Ian, a chee hoo ah hoo ah.  It's a wonder we're still married.

Friday, September 24, 2010


My pick in the baby pool has sadly come and gone.  I was really hoping Ava would make her appearance today.  Brittany was having some slight contractions during the night, had an appointment with her doctor this morning (sometime the internal can move things along), and I made her walk a fair bit today.  Nothing!   Perhaps Ava will be the rare exception and will actually be born on her due date (today).  I am keeping my fingers crossed.

Saturday, September 18, 2010


I found this little tube in that infamous drawer of mine one hot summer evening.  I was lying on my bed, fan aimed straight at me, watching a little TV.  I grew bored with the show, picked up a crossword puzzle book and dug around in the drawer looking for a pen.  Instead of a pen, I came across the little tube (pictured above) with no visible clues as to what was contained within. There was some raised printing on it but in the dim light I couldn't make out what it said.  I couldn't recall putting it in there but  figured it was one of those little  trial sized cosmetic products they hand out at the drug store.  I opened it up and smelled the contents.  It smelled and looked just like baby oil and since I was fresh out of the shower and had noticed my knees and elbows a little dry, I proceeded to rub the contents into my skin.  I had originally planned to apply the oil just to my knees and elbows but I absently used the entire tube on pretty much my whole body.  I smelled good, my skin smooth and silken.  A little while later I got up,went to the kitchen to get myself a drink, and took the empty little tube with me to throw in the garbage.  Once in the bright light of the kitchen, I was able to read the contents of the tube and discovered to my horror that I had just slathered dog flea and tick medication over my entire body.   I quickly jumped into the shower in an attempt to scrub it all off but I think I was too late, I never got another mosquito bite the rest of that entire summer.

Thursday, September 2, 2010


While perusing the cake wrecks website today I came across this doozy of a cake and I just had to share.  For the record, those things are meant to be rockets.