Sunday, April 28, 2013


I have had a few people question me lately as to why I haven't been writing on my blog.  I really don't have a good answer but you can choose one for yourself from the excuses below (one or more of them might actually be real).

The reason I haven't posted on my blog for three months is because...

  • blogging is so last year.
  • I let it go so long that it just got embarrassing. 
  • I started reading 50 Shades of Grey and I haven't left the bedroom since.
  • my husband has banned me from writing because of risqué  comments like the one above.
  • I received some unsolicited criticism from someone about my writing and it kind of put me off writing.
  • I am perfecting my greatest talent...procrastinating. 
  • my life is so totally awesome and I am too busy living it. 
  • it was weird having mere acquaintances know so much about my life.
  • there were no funny stories to tell people when I saw them because they had already read them on my blog.
I have been trying to spend less time with technology and more time doing other things so blogging was one of the things I let slide.
Here's a few highlights from the past few months.

I redid the grandkids bedroom.  The girls were so excited to sleep in it that I found them in bed right after supper one night.  I had to tell them to get up and go play because I didn't want them in bed at six and up at five.

We held an awesome tobogganing party in February complete with hot chocolate bar and Chinese lanterns.  

There was a trip to Florida in March with two of the grandkids and it just made me excited for our big family trip in November to Disney.

There was an Easter egg hunt...

and a squirrel hunt.  I caught four of these little guys in a matter of a couple of days.  I even spray painted one because I was pretty sure they were coming back even though I was driving them at least ten miles away (two as far as thirty).  Somehow they managed to get into the ceiling and would wake me up each morning at around five.  I think I have won the battle (fingers crossed).

So whatever the reason I've neglected my blog, I am back now and I have a few funny stories tucked away in my memory that I'll be sharing soon.