Tuesday, December 31, 2013


Have I ever told you that my incredibly good-looking, talented, oldest son is also a genius? I had an inkling that he was smarter than average when his teacher suggested he skip a grade but this past year he actually proved his genius status.
His office was dressing up in costumes to celebrate Halloween and so Adam put a sign on the back of his chair as he was leaving work the night before that read "Mr. Invisible".  He didn't show up the next day. Not only did he get an entire day off work, he also won movie tickets for best costume.  I've never been prouder.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013


Christmas pajamas are a bit of a tradition in our family but because most of our kids are off to their in-laws this Christmas, I decided to dispense with it this year. I was surprised by the disappointment this was met with (and not from my family).  So to ease the distress this has caused I have found some other families who were willing to share theirs.  Just be warned, some things can never be unseen.

Celebrating the redefinition of marriage and family, Bob poses with his wife and child.  I could be really inappropriate here but I will refrain.  

Jane discovered that the onset of menopause causes hair to grow in strange places. Again, I could say something really inappropriate and incredibly funny but I will contain myself.

This is just disturbing.

This is just wrong.

Ian got me this exact same outfit for Christmas.

Is it wrong that the most disturbing thingI find about this picture is the fact that the woman is wearing ankle socks with heels? 

"Dad, we couldn't find matching pajamas for you so you can just go naked."

All of a sudden, I am worried about the prospect of twins joining our family soon.  

Who thought that outfit was a good idea?  Not the husband obviously, he's the only one not smiling.

I think these kids wouldn't mind finding coal in their stockings.  It is black after all.  


Sunday, December 15, 2013


I know I've been MIA for a while with no good reason really but I'm back now (for today anyway).  I thought I would share something that made me laugh out loud.  Click the link below and enjoy.  8 & 9 are my favourites.
Here's a teaser:
30 Naughtiest Dogs