Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Despite the warm weather we have been experiencing, we still keep a fire going because the nights are still cold.  Last night, Ian took the ashes out and dumped them where he always does and never gave it a second thought.  Later in the evening when it got dark, I noticed a bright glow coming from outside my bedroom window.  I got up to investigate and discovered that the grass behind the garage was on fire.  I interrupted Ian's weekly conference call and told him to call the fire department.  I could tell this was a fire we were not going to be able to put out on our own and it was way too close to the garage for comfort.  Our cars could be moved out quickly but we have a friend who his storing most of his household belongings in the loft.  
We went outside but there was really nothing we could do.  We attached the hose to the outside faucet and realized that the water to it was shut off so the pipes didn't freeze and burst so I quickly remedied that problem.  It was too little too late.  Sitting next to the garage is my son and daughter in law's car we are keeping for them while they are in New Zealand and a very expensive hot dog cart.  Neither faired well and suffered quite a bit of damage.  The fire department was able to save the garage although we will have to replace some warped siding.  
Here's the clincher, our son and daughter in law's car is not covered under our insurance and because it wasn't  "in" the garage, we can't make a claim.  Daniel and Olivia removed the insurance they had on the car because they wouldn't be driving it. So now they are without a car when they come back.  They will have to try and take it up with our insurance company but since they are all the way in New Zealand, it will be difficult.  I have been on the phone all morning with our insurance company and I am frustrated to say the least.

I know it could have been a whole lot worse and I am most definitely grateful that no one was hurt, that our garage and house did not go up in flames, and that all  is well.  My daughter in law  should be thankful that April Fools only comes once a year.  

Monday, March 29, 2010


My weekend.

  •  Taking visitors from New Zealand to the sugar bush so that they could discover first hand the wonders of maple syrup production. 
  • Discovering that maple cotton candy, or candy floss as the Kiwis refer to it, tastes absolutely amazing.
  • Having the grandkids here all weekend.
  • Having old friends come for a visit.
  • Tortilla soup, easy to make, feeds a crowd, and tastes delish.
  • Witnessing the blessing of my newest granddaughter.

  • Getting sick just as everybody arrived on Friday night.
  • Missing a baby shower because I overslept having a little nap. (I probably shouldn't have gone anyway considering how I was feeling.)
  • Nearly slicing off the top of my thumb while cutting an onion.

  • That would have been me.  Sore throat, stuffy nose, watery eyes, definitely not a pretty sight. I think I may have been a bit grumpy too but I like to think I kept it all together.

Thursday, March 25, 2010


Tonight I crashed a birthday party for a two year old (it's okay, they're practically family and the two year old didn't mind at all).  Arriving early, I was put in charge of holding the newest addition to the family while the mom and dad prepared dinner for everyone. The phone rang and J. asked if I would answer it.  Since my friends run a business from their home, I decided to act like a professional and not be my usual smart alec self.  The man on the other end asked who he was speaking to so I told him and in I turn asked who I was speaking to.  I was a bit confused when he told me his name was "Jane Doe" (name has been changed to protect the innocent).  "Pardon?" I asked.  "Jane Doe" came the reply.  I placed my hand over the receiver and told J.  He told me to give the phone to his wife as it was probably an advertising salesperson from the newspaper.  I laughed as I told J. how I could have sworn that the voice on the other end was a man's but the name was definitely a woman's.
Later in the evening after all the guests had arrived I turned to J's wife and asked who the man sounding woman was that had called earlier.  "J's mom" she said.  I'll add at this point that J's family were all in the room at the time.  Awkward.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


At the corner of the highway and the road that leads into the town I live in, stands a statue commemorating the driving of the first spike in the CPR railway.  The statue depicts a railway worker dressed in the traditional garb of the day, overalls and cap, he carries a hammer in one hand and a spike in the other.  It seems a fitting statue for an old railway town.

 I wonder if the artist showed the town council a picture of his design or if he just told them of his idea?  Perhaps the council told the artist what elements they wanted included and left it to him (or her) to design. I wonder at what point if any, did someone see the flaw in the design? The fact that it was decided to erect the statue leaves me to wonder, what were they thinking?

Can you spot the flaw?