Thursday, March 25, 2010


Tonight I crashed a birthday party for a two year old (it's okay, they're practically family and the two year old didn't mind at all).  Arriving early, I was put in charge of holding the newest addition to the family while the mom and dad prepared dinner for everyone. The phone rang and J. asked if I would answer it.  Since my friends run a business from their home, I decided to act like a professional and not be my usual smart alec self.  The man on the other end asked who he was speaking to so I told him and in I turn asked who I was speaking to.  I was a bit confused when he told me his name was "Jane Doe" (name has been changed to protect the innocent).  "Pardon?" I asked.  "Jane Doe" came the reply.  I placed my hand over the receiver and told J.  He told me to give the phone to his wife as it was probably an advertising salesperson from the newspaper.  I laughed as I told J. how I could have sworn that the voice on the other end was a man's but the name was definitely a woman's.
Later in the evening after all the guests had arrived I turned to J's wife and asked who the man sounding woman was that had called earlier.  "J's mom" she said.  I'll add at this point that J's family were all in the room at the time.  Awkward.

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