Tuesday, June 30, 2009


It's been interesting watching people's reaction to the "big news" and it has made me realize just how different men are to women. It has been made even more evident discussing the reception plans with my husband and married son. The males are totally unfazed with the daunting task of putting a wedding together in just seven short weeks. They believe that seven weeks is more than ample time. Here is my idea of of a wedding planned by a (straight) guy. In other words, my husband.

Invitations= just call everybody on the phone, it's free and a whole lot easier. If you want to get fancy, email them.

Dinner= KFC, everybody loves that stuff.

Drinks= buy a few cases of soda, saves on glasses.

China= paper plates, no cleanup

Flatware= plastic cutlery, it comes in white, perfect wedding colour.

Decorations= what are those?

Wedding dress= Wear your mother's, she WAS your size when I married her. I'm sure it will fit.

Venue= We can clean out the garage. No one will notice the oil stains.

This is why my husband will not be involved in any of the reception plans. I will smile politely at his suggestions, ask for the check book, and roll my eyes heavenward as I walk away. Perhaps this was his plan all along.

Sunday, June 28, 2009


When I got to church this morning, the bishop asked if he could make the announcement from the pulpit. I told him no (shocked look on his face) and then proceeded to explain that I wanted to have some fun in Relief Society (women's organization of our church) with the big news. It was my turn to conduct the meeting so here's how it all went down.

Me: I don't believe there are any announcements this week. Oh, wait a minute, a date's been set for our annual picnic. Betty, do you know the date of that?
Betty(taking the bait): It's on August 6th.
Me: That's right, August 6th at Champlain Park. Hey, I've just realized that's the day before Nathan comes home from his mission ( collective oohs and aahs) (pause) and it's also a week before Brittany gets married. ( I grin)
At this point there are some confused looks and even a few chuckles
Me: I'm not joking.
Audette: What?
Me: Brittany's getting married and I'm not joking (still grinning)
Audette: What?????
Me: Ben got down on one knee Friday night and asked her.
(Some excited chatter follows)
Me: We'll begin our music appreciation portion now.
Darlene: Is this guy a returned missionary?
Me: Yes
Sylvie: Oh so you really aren't joking. (looking really confused)
Me: Nope
(at this point I am bombarded with questions)

It was almost too much fun.


Surprisingly, the question I have been asked most since the big announcement is how do Daniel and Olivia feel about it? For those of you that aren't aware, our son Daniel is getting married two weeks after Brittany. His wedding however has been months in the planning (they got engaged just before Christmas). Before Brittany and Ben set the date, they called Daniel and Olivia first to ask how they would feel about it. Here's the scoop. Both Daniel and Olivia are thrilled and happy for Brittany and had no problem with the date whatsoever. So rest assured people, there are nothing but good feelings between them all.
I think my son is the sweetest ever and his bride to be is perfect. Thanks Daniel and Olivia, you two are the greatest.

Saturday, June 27, 2009


Ben got down on one knee last night and proposed to our only daughter Brittany (and we didn't even have to pay him). We couldn't be more thrilled about this wonderful announcement. We knew it was coming but what I wasn't prepared for was the challenge to plan a wedding in a little over seven weeks. I believe we are in for a fun ride. I have great friends who have rallied round and offered their help so I think everything is going to be just fine. Oh and the best news of all... Brittany who has always predicted that she would be a definite bridezilla, has so far been very compliant and practical. Way to go Britt.