Sunday, June 28, 2009


Surprisingly, the question I have been asked most since the big announcement is how do Daniel and Olivia feel about it? For those of you that aren't aware, our son Daniel is getting married two weeks after Brittany. His wedding however has been months in the planning (they got engaged just before Christmas). Before Brittany and Ben set the date, they called Daniel and Olivia first to ask how they would feel about it. Here's the scoop. Both Daniel and Olivia are thrilled and happy for Brittany and had no problem with the date whatsoever. So rest assured people, there are nothing but good feelings between them all.
I think my son is the sweetest ever and his bride to be is perfect. Thanks Daniel and Olivia, you two are the greatest.


  1. You are so lucky, you have a great relationship with your daughter in laws. I hope I can have that too.

  2. Her (future) daughter-in-law is lucky too