Sunday, July 8, 2012


I don't know about you, but after Andy Murray's defeat today at Wimbledon I could sure use a smile,
so if you are feeling a little down, I hope this lifts your spirits a little.  If not, it will at least leave you wondering "What the heck????"

A young Steve Buscemi researches his role as Rooster Cockburn. 

I am fighting a tough battle. I so want to say something inappropriate about this picture.  The look on the cats' faces says it all.

In other news... after being abandoned by it's mother, a puppy is "nursed" back to health by Bob who heard that skin to skin contact is best.

Did you know that in the '80s, Chris Rock was a white guy who dabbled in the occult?  True story.  Here's the proof.

 Just a wild guess here but I'm thinking this guy is single.

This guy too.

On a sad note, a family of four was strangled to death when their pet boa escaped from its enclosure. 

You can insert your own inappropriate comment here.  I am not touching this one.

Friday, July 6, 2012


I have a fairly amusing story to relate that happened many, many, years ago.  I have debated writing about it because of the confession I have to make at the end plus the fact that this story might get back to the principal antagonist.  It's a long one so feel free to just skip it.  For those of you who have time to read it, enjoy.

Like I said, this happened a long time ago (try about 27 years ago).  I received a call from someone I will call Kay (to protect her real identity) asking if my son Adam (3) had brought home her son's She-ra doll from church.  I was surprised she asked me this because Adam was still in the nursery at church and her son was old enough to  attend Primary (children's Sunday School) and I couldn't see how they would have even crossed paths.  I told her as much and she pointed out that someone had seen Adam with the doll.  I told her I would have a look around the house but that I had not seen him with it at all.  I did as I had said I would and even checked the toy box quite thoroughly.  It was not in our house.  She called back, I relayed that we did not have it.  A few days later she called again, again I told her that we did not have it in our possession. She was adamant that it must be at my house because Adam was the last one seen with it.  I was adamant that we did not have it, that I had never even seen the doll, and that it was highly unlikely that Adam would have gotten into the house without me spotting the stupid doll.  She called a third time and at this point I was starting to get really annoyed.  How many times did I have to tell her "WE DO NOT HAVE YOUR DOLL!!!!" ?  Seriously though, the most the doll cost was maybe five dollars.  I felt like going out and buying one just so she would stop harassing me but then she would probably figure that we really did have the doll after all and I was feeling guilty.
It became a bit of a joke with a couple of my friends and they would ask if I had put out an APB on She-ra.  It was no longer a joking matter though when the young woman living with us at the time went  to Kay's house to babysit her kids.  She came home from babysitting and told me that Kay had asked if she had seen the doll at my house.  I just about lost it.  Did Kay think I was lying about a ridiculous, five dollar doll?  We were barely scraping by at the time but I would not steal some little kid's toy just   so my child had something to play with.  It made me so mad that she would doubt my word.  I was steaming and was going to call her and giver her a piece of my mind but my husband talked some sense into me and just told me to let it go so I did the next best thing and called my best friend and gossiped vented to her.
A couple of weeks after this incident, I decided to give the toy box a good clean out in readiness for Christmas.  I tipped the entire contents out onto the floor and sorted through the toys, discarding broken/incomplete items.  I know you can guess what I found when I tipped everything out.  There was She-ra in all her glory lying in amongst a pile of McDonalds toys.  I was stumped as to how it got there because I honestly had not seen it come into the house nor had I seen it played with by either of the boys.  I knew that I would have to call Kay and eat humble pie.  I hated the thought of it and so I did what I always do when there is an unpleasant task at hand... I procrastinated.  I figured I would just hand her the doll on Sunday at church and sheepishly grin as I explained how I came across it.  I pretty much knew she wouldn't believe me but I had no choice.  I even joked with the girl that was living us that she should take the doll to Kay's the next time she was asked to babysit and secretly slip it down behind the sofa.
On Sunday morning I went to get She-ra off the shelf where I had safely put her, out of reach of little fingers when I noticed she was gone.  I asked Ian if he had given it to the boys and his answer was no.  I then asked the girl living with us if she had seen it and that is when she told me that she had taken it to Kay's when she babysat there earlier in the week and dropped it behind the sofa just like I had suggested.

"I was only joking!" I explained.

"I know" she replied "but I thought it was a great idea so I hid it like you said." how was I going to explain that one to Kay.  She already thought I was a liar, she would never believe that it was a joke to hide the doll at her house.  Keeping true to my habit, I procrastinated telling Kay that she would find the little action figure behind her sofa.  A couple of weeks later the phone rang.

"Hi Fionna" (It was Kay)

"Hi Kay."

"I just wanted to call and apologize to you."


"I found that She-ra doll.  It's been here all the time.  I found it behind the sofa and I feel badly about it because I was sure that Adam had it... someone had seen him with it....and I am really, really sorry."

My reply?

"That's okay Kay... apology accepted."
This was said in a most magnanimous tone.

I know, I know, I'm a horrible person but I just couldn't bring myself to confess.

I am wondering now, how long it will take for someone to figure out who Kay is and rat on me.

Monday, July 2, 2012


Have you wondered why I have not been blogging much lately?  Well you can blame it all on pinterest.  

This is basically what I have been doing in my spare time, well this and spending time with my sweet little grandchildren.  The idea was to set up an account on   and sell some of them (the chevron quilt and the personalized one are taken) but I am having difficulty even thinking about parting with them.  I picked out the fabric, put my blood (at least one pinprick per quilt), sweat (do you know how hot it's been lately) and tears (not really the tears but certainly some frustration) into each quilt and in the end I like them so much that I don't want to let them go but then I really have no need for them. I think I may have a problem.  I am going to have to sell them just so I can keep up my fabric habit (and I do have a habit).  Emily and I have made a pact not to go fabric shopping  until August.  So far, so good but then again, it's only been a week.