Sunday, July 8, 2012


I don't know about you, but after Andy Murray's defeat today at Wimbledon I could sure use a smile,
so if you are feeling a little down, I hope this lifts your spirits a little.  If not, it will at least leave you wondering "What the heck????"

A young Steve Buscemi researches his role as Rooster Cockburn. 

I am fighting a tough battle. I so want to say something inappropriate about this picture.  The look on the cats' faces says it all.

In other news... after being abandoned by it's mother, a puppy is "nursed" back to health by Bob who heard that skin to skin contact is best.

Did you know that in the '80s, Chris Rock was a white guy who dabbled in the occult?  True story.  Here's the proof.

 Just a wild guess here but I'm thinking this guy is single.

This guy too.

On a sad note, a family of four was strangled to death when their pet boa escaped from its enclosure. 

You can insert your own inappropriate comment here.  I am not touching this one.


  1. Hahahaha oh that last one is to wrong! Hahaha

  2. hahahaha I love the cat nudists.. the look on those cats faces...