Tuesday, June 30, 2009


It's been interesting watching people's reaction to the "big news" and it has made me realize just how different men are to women. It has been made even more evident discussing the reception plans with my husband and married son. The males are totally unfazed with the daunting task of putting a wedding together in just seven short weeks. They believe that seven weeks is more than ample time. Here is my idea of of a wedding planned by a (straight) guy. In other words, my husband.

Invitations= just call everybody on the phone, it's free and a whole lot easier. If you want to get fancy, email them.

Dinner= KFC, everybody loves that stuff.

Drinks= buy a few cases of soda, saves on glasses.

China= paper plates, no cleanup

Flatware= plastic cutlery, it comes in white, perfect wedding colour.

Decorations= what are those?

Wedding dress= Wear your mother's, she WAS your size when I married her. I'm sure it will fit.

Venue= We can clean out the garage. No one will notice the oil stains.

This is why my husband will not be involved in any of the reception plans. I will smile politely at his suggestions, ask for the check book, and roll my eyes heavenward as I walk away. Perhaps this was his plan all along.


  1. lol I can almost guarantee that was his plan. That is exactly how Peter gets out of stuff. I can't wait to help Amanda plan her wedding but I know I would have a meltdown if I was to do it in a seven week time line...You are a rock star even agreeing to such a task. If you need help...I'm only 2 hours away :)

  2. Thanks Peggy. Everybody has been so generous in their offers to help. I'll let you know if I do.

  3. Fionna!
    Such a cute blog! You should keep it up even after the wedding! Anyways the day has come Britt is getting married!! Thats so exciting! Ben looks like such a great guy! I am so happy for Brittany, she sounded so ecstatic when she called--I can't believe the wedding is so soon! But you can definitely do it! Anyway, Im still trying to figure things out, but I hope I can make it--cross your fingers! Goodluck with everything! love you guys!

  4. Make sure you get me an extra big bucket of KFC for the wedding Fionna! hahah! I'm sure it will all turn out beautifully if you're planning it. I can help you with stuff next time I'm up if you guys need it.