Friday, July 10, 2009


It took a heck of a lot longer than we planned but I can now officially say that the wedding invitations are in the mail. Whew, that is a huge task taken care of. We got quite a deal on the invitations and with a little creativity we had them looking like Brittany wanted. Here's the story on my amazing bargain.
I was in Staples looking for some black card stock which unfortunately they did not have, when I just had this feeling that I should walk to the back of the store and look around. At the very back of the store hidden at the end of an aisle was a table of clearance items and lo and behold on the table were some do it yourself wedding invitations in the same colour Brittany is using in her wedding. They were twenty dollars marked down from thirty and I wasn't sure if I should pick them up or not so I decided on a packet of gift bags for six dollars (also in her colour) instead. I went to the checkout to pay for them and discovered that they were an extra 75% off. It was at this point that I did my best Arnold impression and uttered those infamous words " I'll be back!" I cleaned them out, programs, place cards, seals, invitations, and table number signs all for under fifty dollars. I was in my absolute bargain hunting glory.

Top picture: Finished invitation
Top middle: Our assembly line
Bottom middle: The cute little gift bags I got for two dollars (not each but all).
Bottom: The original invitation in the box


  1. They look great!! Invites have been one of the most time consuming wedding planning tasks so far. That's great that you have them done and out of the way! can't wait to get mine :)

  2. They turned out fantastic, I love the blue!...I know how time consumming ther are cause I helped Ashley make hers. we just made ours from scratch. It wasa little stressfull at first but once we got our heads in the same place they turned out great.