Wednesday, September 29, 2010


You have to admit, there a more than a few words in the english language which upon seeing them printed for the first time can prove a little difficult to pronounce properly.

We once played a game in our weekly family night when Ian took a look at the card and announced that he wasn't even going to ask the question because he had no idea what the word was or how to even pronounce it.  I urged him to at least try.

 "Chee - hoo - ah - hoo - ah."he sounded out.

"What? Let me see the card." I demanded.

I read the card and immediately fell into fits of laughter.

When I finally got control of myself I was able to tell him the meaning of the word along with the correct pronunciation.

"It's a dog, a chihuahua, you know, like on the Taco Bell commercials."

To this day whenever we see a chihuahua, I point it out and say "Look Ian, a chee hoo ah hoo ah.  It's a wonder we're still married.


  1. HAHAHH excellent.
    My parents host exchange students and we always come across some real doozies especially with our lovely asian students. The put the wrong emphasis on the wrong syllable or just have no idea.

    I once go asked by one student where the...bath from the ceiling was...awwww.

  2. Hahaha Johanna, we've had five exchange students over the years two of which were asian so I know what your talking about.
    In Ian's defence, technically chihuahua is a spanish word.

  3. That's not a very strong defence.

  4. oh my gosh!! I remember that! I was playing that game with your family on one of my many trips up north to visit you guys!! I too, to this day have repeated that story MANY times (sorry Ian!!)...its just too funny! Unfortunately the reason it comes up is because for some reason in a game of catch phrase I was stumped on the word "fajita", after the buzzer went I yelled out "what the heck is a FA-JIE-TA???" I'll let you figure out which body part I pronounced that word like! oops!! :)

  5. Too funny Andrea. Oh the memories eh? lol