Friday, August 12, 2011


When we arrived at the Buffalo airport after our trip to California I spotted a limo driver standing at the arrivals gate holding a sign for his customer.  Usually they will hold the sign at chest level where it is easy to spot but I guess this guy's arms were tired because he just held the sign with his arms hanging down which was unfortunate because the sign he held said "Johnson" and it looked more like he was naming a body part than looking for his fare.   All my party were ahead of me so I couldn't point him out and I was sorely tempted to stop and take a picture but it was kind of an awkward spot to just stop and hold up the foot traffic behind me so I opted to keep walking ( I am so disappointed in myself, it was such an awesome sight).  I came home and laughingly told Kere about it and she just gave me a blank stare wondering what the heck I was finding so funny.
"The sign said 'Johnson'...get it?"

"No, what's a Johnson?"

"Ummm... an outboard motor."  I replied not wanting to destroy her innocence.  

A commercial from the 1980's when the word "Johnson" was used in a very different manner and yes, I know I am immature.

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  1. THat might be the funniest commercial ever.