Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Every now and again I find myself wishing I could go back and live in a simpler time and then I see things like this.

I'd be up for this if there was an ipad on it but seriously, kitchen appliances?  and crying? If only it were that easy.

This ad tells moms that their kids will be cool as teenagers if they start their kids drinking soda early.  Yeah, they'll be cool alright...and fat...and diabetic...and have a mouth full of cavities, but they'll be cool.

I sho' hope for Rastus that the NAACP started up not long after this ad appeared.  

Well I have to admit that in my house, cooking is my job but only because I can't stomach the grey scrambled eggs my husband would serve otherwise.  I wonder if this ad campaign had another that said"The Chef does everything but clean up after itself-that's what wives are for!"  Daniel will love this ad.

I like how this ad is sure to point out that the revolvers are not toys yet they show a little girl playing with one. I guess at least they are not being sexist.  All guns should be made this way.  No husband would be able to say "I was cleaning my gun when it accidentally went off and killed my wife...while she was sleeping in bed." If we ever get a gun (and we won't) it will be one of these. I really do have to stop watching Tru TV.

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  1. These are HILARIOUS! Where did you find them?

    Have you seen this?