Monday, April 11, 2011


After my last post a friend asked if I had seen the movie Signs.  My answer to that question is yes and just recently too.  That would explain why I was  totally slightly freaked out when our baby monitor receiver made some crackling noises when there was nobody else in the house except my husband who was sound asleep (I checked).  I wasn't brave enough to go upstairs and investigate the source of the noise but crossed my fingers and actually hoped that it was a mouse wandering around looking for something good to eat.   My paranoia increased a notch or two as in the light of day I worked up enough courage to go into the room with the baby monitor only to discover that the monitor wasn't even plugged in. Great, just when I was starting to feel comfortable about staying in the house by myself when Ian is away.  I immediately went downstairs and unplugged the receiver.  I keep reminding myself that I do have an overactive imagination and that I need to use the logical side of my brain more often. Easier said than done.  Just ask my boys about  making them run all the way home from the movie theatre with me upon hearing some rustling in the bushes after watching Jurassic Park.  What? was dark... and we'd just finished watching Jurassic Park... and there was rustling... in the bushes... it could have been velociraptors... seriously... it could have been.


  1. Reckon you'll get a kick out of this - or at any rate - some good ideas for a possible plan of attack....should you ever need one ;)

    I think my fav is the "Starship Troopers" attack method.

  2. Dare you to watch The Village. Alone. At night.