Tuesday, September 22, 2009


It seems like all summer I have been running at full tilt planning showers,weddings, dances, and then helping three kids pack up and move out. After months of having a full house and cooking for a crowd, I now find myself an empty-nester. Hmm ... now what do I do with myself? I've read a few books, cleaned and organized a few rooms. I bought a label maker and labeled things. (Ange, you would be proud) I even impressed my husband by removing channels we didn't get from the guide. I admit I was starting to get a bit bored but I didn't realize I was addicted to party planning until last night when I received an email from a friend who is helping her friend plan a wedding for January. She asked where I got my paper lanterns from and I immediately started to form ideas in my head as to how they could decorate and then went on the internet to garner even more ideas. This is not a good sign. I have nothing to do with this reception. My name is Fionna and I am a party planning addict. Please help!

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