Monday, September 7, 2009


Some of you laughed at my darling husband's request as to where we kept the scissors (the same place they've been since we moved to this house 11 years ago) and perhaps wondered if it was a momentary memory lapse brought on by the panic of actually having to participate in craft making. Oh, if only such was the case.
Ian: "Where are some clean sheets for the bed, Nathan needs some?"
Me: "The same place they've always been."
"And where would that be?"
"Are you serious?"
"Well how often do I make the bed?"
"Point taken. In the LINEN closet at the top of the stairs, next to the bathroom and across from the bedrooms".

This morning: (I will point out that Ian was helping with the dishes.)
Ian, holding up a cake pan.
"Where does this go?"
I give him the stare down and say nothing for a few seconds.
"yes, seriously!"
"The same place it has always gone."
"Oh, down here under the oven?"
"That would be a no. It goes in the cupboard beside the oven."
"How am I supposed to know these things?"
How is he supposed to know these things? Well maybe because most of the things he's looking for have been in the same spot for the past eleven years!
It's not just him though, our boys are notorious for not being able to find things in plain sight. I used to charge them a dollar if I could find something in the same place I told them they would find it, after searching for it themselves. I made a fair bit of money for a while until they learned to search better. It must be a man thing.

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