Monday, February 14, 2011


Did you know that Ian and I met for the first time on Valentine's Day? (insert Hallelujah Chorus)  That was 31 years ago... yes, I am that old... sigh.... but don't worry the romance is still going strong.

I  made some lovely lingerie this morning for Ian to enjoy...

The bras...

 The Panties...

The set...

The card... (To our most valued customer; Thank you for all your business.  Have a "Happy" Valentine's Day.  From your friends at Victoria's Secret.)

The gift box.

This all got delivered to him at work today anonymously.  I wonder if he'll know who it's from?

Unfortunately for Ian, this collection is no reflection of items to be found in my lingerie drawer.


  1. hahah!! You are hilarious. Those are awesome

  2. I don't think he suspect you at all!! (Insert sarcasm)

  3. Only Fionna would think of this gift! You might be getting old, but your humor has just ripened with age! Happy Valentines Day from Utah. by the way...."he'll know!"

  4. Yes, for sure he will know! Who else would be that creative?

  5. I'm killing myself laughing at picturing Dad taking a bite out of a butt cheek or boob. LOL.