Monday, May 10, 2010

It's a what?????

Important facts to know before I relate this story.  

1. The night stand beside my bed has two large, deep drawers.

2. The one drawer is reserved for books that I am reading. (I can actually open this one without a struggle)

3. The other drawer is a catchall where I keep things that don't really have a proper place. (No comments Angela)

4. These drawers are about the last thing in my house that get tidied up on a regular basis.

5. I am easily distracted.

Here is how I embarrassed myself last week...

My daughter asked for some software cds for her computer (my old one).  I knew exactly where to find the actual software but could not find the paper that had the activation keys on it.  It dawned on me that I might find it in the night stand so I went to the bedroom and started digging through the drawer.  While searching for the paper I became distracted looking at old birthday cards etc. and was oblivious to the fact that I had both a painter and a plumber in the house, that my bedroom door was wide open, and that I was in full view of anyone that happened to walk past the door.

I came across a long silver cylindrical object.  I pulled it out of the drawer and puzzled over what it was and why it was in there.  I noticed that it had a button on one side so I pressed it and it made a vibrating noise.  I was kneeling on the floor pressing it on and off trying to figure out what it was and looked up just in time to see the painter walk by and glance my way.  He did a bit of a double take and then kept going.  It was then that I remembered what the thing was... electric nail file.  There is a little hole at the top where you place different attachments.  I was mortified because I knew exactly what the painter was probably thinking.   Today when he came back, I had the thing sitting out in a very prominent spot with the box of attachments sitting beside it.  In case he didn't see it, tomorrow I will be filing my nails while I ask him how much longer until he's done the work.


  1. lol I totally thought that it was something else (like the painter) I hope that he realizes what it actually is hahahahahahahaha

  2. fionna, this just made my day, hahaha

  3. I'm pretty sure he will just thing you are pleasuring your nails.

    And as for that can you tell me such things? HOW? How can you have a drawer in your home that could potentially house THAT creation alongside a piece of paper with an activation key? What kind of system is that?! Well, it's your can have whatever "systems" you like. Clearly, this one's working for you. :P

  4. BAHAHAHA i just laughed out loud!