Monday, January 9, 2012

Christmas Recap

The company is gone, the decorations are put away, and life has slowly returned to normal (as normal as it gets anyway), even all the Christmas treats are gone (trust me I've completed a desperate room to room search for any stray shortbread or half eaten bar of chocolate).  Depression.
 Because we were away for a month just before Christmas, I felt ill prepared for the big event and some of our usual traditions went by the wayside to hopefully be resurrected next year...maybe.

We did manage to fit in most of our usual traditions like....

making snowflake cookies and....

enacting the story of the first Christmas and ...

singing Christmas carols.

This year I didn't get a chance to get together some Christmas pajamas so we weren't able to get our annual Christmas morning pajama photo like last year's.

I tried to tell my family that we really didn't need to have matching pajamas to get a Christmas picture,we could just improvise.

They wouldn't go for it.  Maybe next year!

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  1. Oh my last photo. hahahahaha!
    Your snowflake cookies look delicious.