Sunday, April 24, 2011


Now that we've been married for 30 years there's not much left to argue over we rarely ever argue.  We will however have a debate every now and again over things that are extremely important  generally benign.  Like the numbering of our garage door remotes.  We have a four car garage and unlike most Canadians, we do keep cars in our garage.  Why does the typical Canadian family cram their garage full of junk and park their car on the driveway to be covered in snow? but I digress....

So back to our remotes...there are four of them and each one differs slightly from the others.  Ian knows which one is his so there is never a problem until he wants to use my car.  I thought I had solved the problem when I took my handy dandy label maker and labelled all the remotes one through four.

Ian: "Which remote is for which door?"

Me: "I didn't think it could be any clearer, remote number one for door number one."

Ian: "Which is door number one?'

Thus began our debate.

I correctly know think that the doors should be numbered left to right (just like reading) as you come up the driveway.

Ian ridiculously believes that the doors should be numbered in ascending order starting with the door closest to the house.

Obviously surely you'll agree with me.  I guess it doesn't really matter either way because 1. The remotes are already marked and I am not worried about Ian changing them because he doesn't know how to use the label maker and 2. If more of you agree with Ian, I will not be divulging that information with him.  I will however be sure to tell him time and again that more agree with me.


  1. What on earth is wrong with your husband? OF COURSE they are numbered left to right.

  2. I also concur - left to right for sure.

  3. hello sherry and Fiona. this is chris. um question. if you step outside the house heading for the garage, which is the first garage you will come to?? number ONE perhaps???? that is what he was thinking, i'm sure.