Friday, September 21, 2012


I am not going to bore you with excuses as to why I have been neglecting my blog for so long but I will give you a glimpse of what has been occupying my time.

Visiting old friends.

William and Maia's first day of school.

 Hosting baby showers and attending some too.

Taking part in a service project.

Maia's 4th Birthday 
(and yes, I made the cake, just don't ask how long it took me.)

Sewing baby stuff for...

  this little beauty who just joined our ever expanding family.  Waverlea Francesca was born to Daniel and Olivia just a week ago.  She is a little doll and I was so thrilled to go and spend a couple of days getting to know her. She already has me wrapped around her little finger.  The cutest part was witnessing Daniel in his new role as a father.  He is also the most attentive husband I have ever seen.  He makes Olivia rest and attends to her every need including preparing all the meals and cleaning up afterward.  Where was that behavior when he was a teenager?  Better late than never I guess.
Welcome Waverlea!

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