Saturday, April 28, 2012


Pinterest.  Don't know what Pinterest is? Well in a word it's...AWESOME!!!  It makes me look like a creative genius (I'm not, I just pretend to be one). I could go into great detail about what Pintrest is and how it works but if you don't already know about it then you probably wouldn't be that interested anyway.   Just trust me when I say that countless hours can pass in what seems like minutes when you are under its spell.
My daughter in law Emily was giving me a hard time the other day about not having nearly as many pins (pinterest lingo) as she had.  I shot her a dirty look and put her in her place when I reminded her that I will only pin a project that I actually plan on doing. This seems to set me apart from most Pinterest users.
So Pinterest is the reason I haven't written a blogpost for two whole weeks.  I have been busy making, baking, and sewing up a storm and when I'm not creating, I'm perusing Pinterest to see what new and exciting things I can make next.  Check out what kind of awesome parties you can throw when you have Pinterest for a BFF.

Jungle Theme Party (Kere is trying to figure out how to convince William that he wants a Jungle theme for his birthday next year.)

Maple Caramel Popcorn
I have to post the recipe for this stuff.  It's almost as addictive as Pinterest.

Even the drinking glasses were Jungle theme.

I love the dollar store.  I got the vines, grass skirt, and the greenery there. cheap!

You will either think this is awesome or you'll be considering gathering all of my family and close friends for a pintervention.

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  1. "I will only pin a project that I actually plan on doing."


    Who does that?! Besides you, that is!

    Awesome. It is ALL awesome.