Sunday, April 15, 2012


Last night I awoke from a bad dream, heart pounding and gasping for breath.  I had dreamed that I was drowning at night.  The surface of the water was far above me and I was sinking slowly downward. I looked upward and could see the body of a woman dressed in old fashioned clothing drifting down as well.  It was at that moment that I woke from my dream in a panic.  I looked at the clock and noted that it was 2:20 am.  The adrenaline rush from my dream left me wide awake so I turned on the T.V. and tried to calm down a bit.  I remembered that it was the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic and knew that  it was probably because of  all the media attention that I had probably dreamed about drowning in the ocean. A few minutes later I could have sworn that I heard someone knocking at the door downstairs however there was absolutely no way I was going to check it out (I've seen enough scary movies  to not be that dumb).  I turned down the volume on the T.V. and listened more closely...nothing... thank goodness.  It took me a good hour to get over my fear and feel sleepy again.  In the light of day it seemed so silly to have been so disturbed by my dream but in the middle of the night my fear was heightened.  Out of curiosity, I went online  this morning and checked to see exactly when the Titanic sank...  2:20 am... you can insert the theme to the Twilight Zone here... weird huh?

On another note...
The toxic Purple Peep explosion of last April has been cleaned up... finally.  I lived with the purple walls for a year and this week while Ian was away, I repainted the bedroom.  This time I went with a colour called French Silver.  It is grey with a hint of blue in it and I am very happy with it.  It is quite different to what was on the walls.  I also sewed some matching curtains, added a little throw blanket to the end of the bed and changed the lamps beside our bed.  These were the only changes I made to the room but they were quite significant.  There was no new artwork hung on the walls and the bed linens stayed the same.  When Ian arrived home I followed him into the bedroom to see his reaction.

"This is new" he said.

"Yes it is." I replied thinking that he was referring to the walls.

"Doesn't Kere have one just like this?" he asked.

I clued in that he was talking about the throw at the end of the bed.

"Yes she does.  They were on sale." I didn't point out to him that it had been in use already downstairs in the family room, for two weeks.  He had seen me snuggled up in it numerous times.  I was suppressing the urge to giggle about that and the fact that he still hadn't noticed the change in the colour of the room nor the new drapes.  He saw my face and knew something was up so he took notice of his surroundings.  It finally dawned on him that things had changed. I think I may have a new nickname for him... Inspector Clouseau.

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  1. I think that was your Family History consultant at the door...knocking. or dead, I'm not sure.