Tuesday, March 6, 2012


After my last post, I was reminded of a time when Nathan caused me some undue embarrassment.  It happened when he was about five or six years old and we had some friends over for a games night.  Nathan approached me at the table and just at the time that there was a lull in the conversation he offered this insight...
"Mom, I know what you do when you go to bed at night... and it's not sleep."

I can't even tell you the reaction of those around me because my mind was frantically trying to figure out how he would know such a thing.  We were always so very careful to be discreet in those matters.  My only reply to that was  a weak "oh?"

"yah" he continued "you do crossword puzzles.  I've seen the book and the pen by your bed."

"You are exactly right!"  I said giving a huge sigh of relief.

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