Saturday, March 3, 2012


I love how curious and candid little kids are.  The things that come out of their mouths sometimes cracks me up.

 One of my boys watching me change his little sister one morning asked.
"Mommy when will she grow her pee pee?"

 I thought that I had explained the difference between boys and girls pretty plainly but obviously not.  Cute but at least not embarrassing, unlike what happened to some friends of mine.  They were visiting some family with their two boys and while there another family member changed her baby girl in front of the two boys.  They watched intently.

 The four year old boy asked. "Where's her pee pee?"

"Oh she's a girl" said the girl's mother "She doesn't have one."

"I have a pee pee" he replied, then added "my brother has a pee pee, Daddy has a pee pee too, but mommy, she just has hair!"



  1. When Monkey was about 3 or 4 he had a couple of Kindy friends (a boy and a girl) over one afternoon - their Mums came too. Everything was going marvelously until his little female friend needed to go to the toilet so I asked Monkey to show her where the toilet was. Imagine my horror when I overheard Monkey exclaim - not content with merely showing her where the toilet was - "Here's the toilet and this is how you go to the toilet!"
    My proudly toilet trained boy then flipped it out and proceeded to demonstrate to his friend by peeing into the toilet right in front of her!

    I was MORTIFIED.

  2. Chris insisted that I share that he said,"No Brazilian then."