Thursday, March 8, 2012


I was in  Fabricland today (they know me on a first name basis there) with two of my daughters-in-law. As Emily and I stood at the cutting table the lady serving us asked if Emily was the daughter-in-law with the baby.  I told her no that Kere was.  Just at that moment Kere joined us with her material and Emily pointed out that Kere had four kids.  The lady was astounded and asked if she was crazy.  Emily told her that she herself came from a family of twelve kids.

"But that's because her mom's partly deaf" I added.

"Oh" laughed the lady "so the noise didn't bother her then?"

"I guess not but that's not what I meant."  I replied "She had twelve kids because she was partly deaf."

There was a look of confusion so I explained...

Every night when she went to bed her husband would ask "Do you want to go to sleep or you know what?" and she would reply "What?"

I can be funny like that.

Just for the record, Emily's mother does not suffer from any form of deafness.

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