Thursday, July 7, 2011


Have you heard of Kijiji before?  Basically it's online classified ads only with pictures and bad spelling and grammar.
How bad can the spelling and grammar be?  Well let's look at some recent examples of ads I pulled off the site.

 i am in need badly of a bed for my 20 month old he broke his bed and know dose not have one so if some one can help me in a bed i would greatly apercated and thank you for your time my number is ...

Where do I even start?  Not one period was used nor any other kind of punctuation mark for that matter. I checked, they do not charge extra for using punctuation, in fact the site is free to use. "know dose"? No I don't, I'm not a pharmacist.   The next time Ian "helps" me in bed I am going to tell him I greatly "apercated" it and thank him for his time.  I will laugh uproariously, he won't get it, I'll tell him,  he still won't get why I find it so funny, this will make laugh even harder.   


Solide oak rocking chair barley used and in great condition.

It really chaffs my butt  when barley sits in my solide oak rocking chair.

hey i have a fit pro up for grabs i'll sellin for $400 o.b.o the bars on it wont be sold with the bike because their not mine it will have a pair of grey one so e mail me with an offer

What????  I'm still not sure what this guy was "sellin"  but apparently it comes with a pair of grey one.  

 have a pariba tourmaline apprased at 2200 selling for 1100 half price it's 2.9 carets also have a 54 caret citrine apprased at 2500 for 1250 also a non apprised 2220 ct emrald and a extreamly rare 2300 ct pigeon blood ruby make offers both are opaqe but keep in mind at that of lowest qualitys are price from 2 to 25 a caret but drop your offers 
Again not one period was used in the above ad. Three chances to spell appraised correctly, two different spellings, one huge fail.  Does no one have spell check nowadays?   It would not have picked up "carets"a mark (^, ‸) placed below the line to indicate a proposed insertion in aprinted or written text, but  it would have picked up "opaqe" and "qualitys" and "emrald" and "extreamly" and "apprased" and....  "Drop your offers"? Is she taking the lowest price submitted?
Bridemaid Dress color burgandy,size 16,made for tall women. I only wear it once ,need a dryclean , still in very good shape !! Also can be weared strapless.

Did she mean bridesmaid or bride made?  I usually only wear my dresses once before washing too but none of mine can be "weared" strapless.  

noun informal
a person who places an ad on Kijiji without checking spelling or grammar. 

Yes, I just made that word up.



  1. What the heck does "o.b.o" stand for?

  2. O. B. O. means or best offer.

  3. ah - I thought it was a misguided attempt at o.n.o - or near offer :)

  4. I agree wholeheartedly. I've recently been keeping a close eye in the Kijiji ads [ apparently, and this is off-topic, some woman out there believes I am not worthy of her FREE Bassett dog, nor am I worthy of an email to let me know I'm not 'Free Bassett' worthy] The grammar and spelling in that website is often appalling. That being said if anyone has an Elliptical Trainer they do not want.. let the Blush Magnet know ...she has a truck and will pick it up.. [because she's an Awesome Visiting Teacher]