Sunday, July 3, 2011


If only I could write about the goings on at church.  By that I mean I may write about our beliefs etc. but that is not nearly as entertaining as the characters that attend our local *ward (congregation) which is the thing that I cannot write about. First off, my husband does from time to time read my blog so I would be in huge trouble with him, and second of all,  a number of the congregants read my blog too so I might find myself in trouble with them too (not that any of them would be the actual subject matter except for maybe Darlene, she really does need to start her own blog). Even if I changed the names to protect the crazies innocent, their characters are such that they would be easily identifiable.  Lastly, it just wouldn't be very Christian of me and I am trying to do better in that department (with varying degrees of success).
It's a shame really because every Sunday would supply me with enough blog fodder to last the entire week. I'll just have to resign myself to the fact that sharing about what happens at church any given Sunday is off limits. *sigh*

Can you tell that today was an especially interesting day?...that I am just dying to share it with you?  Well I'm sorry but I can't.  I can tell you that Lilah sitting on my lap this morning put a small empty box into my mouth and not thinking, I blew on it making it whistle really loud at a very quiet moment.  That's a little bit funny and it was a little bit embarrassing but certainly not the most entertaining part of the day.
Oh if only I could say... but as I mentioned before I really am trying to be better... really, really trying... okay I think I need to try a little harder because I know if someone were to call and ask what happened, the story would roll off my tongue without a second thought... this is not an invitation to call, the kids all just left after being here for almost a week so I am looking forward to a quiet night, however, if you were to call to tomorrow...oh?... what's that? wouldn't be party to such a thing?...Phew! I'm glad... really!  I don't need the temptation.

*For the record, I love my ward and the people in it.

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