Saturday, July 2, 2011


Of all my friends I have a few,
Who are an especially talented crew,
One who is so good at cooking,
I lick the plate when no one's looking,
Another girl I know can write,
I read her blog most every night,
And yet another friend can bake,
And also decorate a cake,
In such a beautiful array,
She asks for money, people pay!
Another friend of mine can sew,
She taught me everything I know,
And all these talents, I may say,
I can do just not as they,
I make good effort but confess,
I cannot do with their finesse,
But there's a talent I can't manage,
It'd leave my laptop with some damage,
Computer jargon, web design?
Those talents honey aren't mine,
Who redesigned my humble blog?
Twas Angela, the glory hog,
She sings, she writes, she bakes, she cooks,
Reviews movies, critiques books,
And if that wasn't near enough,
She does a lot of other stuff,
Like raise two girls with such great care,
and is a wife extraordinaire,
So thank you Ange, you know you rule,
For making me feel extra cool! 


  1. 1. I'm tempted to sign in and delete this. Because I can.

    2. I was so nervous going into this...of the things you could write. Perhaps about my ankles.

    3. HA - you used a picture of me pregnant - just before I had my first!

    4. You left out how much you deserved it. Silly.

  2. 1.No you can't, I changed my password already.

    2.I seriously considered writing about your "cankles" but thought I would be nice.

    3.It was really the only decent one I could find of you and trust me I creeped your facebook page for ages.

    4.I deserve a lot of things I don't payback for pranks.

  3. 1. It's for the best.

    2. What a shame, it rhymes with "rankles" - a great under-used word.

    3. If only there were a "dislike" button, am I right?

    4. Right you are...right you are.