Friday, July 15, 2011

3 in 3

Ian strikes again.

  • He struggled for a full 30 seconds trying to put his credit card into a parking meter so that the arm would go up and we could get into the parking garage.  All he had to do was press the button and take a ticket.
  • When offered a treat, he declined saying that he had just finished brushing all of his teeth.  Really?  All of them?  wow!
  • This morning at breakfast he complained that his contacts were bothering him and that he couldn't see properly.  He pulled one out and then told us he thought maybe he had just put one in and perhaps that was the problem.  We broke into fits off laughter.  He actually did have both in and was able to get the last one out.
We've only been on vacation three days. 


  1. haha Or when he asked me if a simple answer that he texted back to Nathan made sense. LOL I love Dad

  2. Hahah. You're lucky he doesn't read your blog! Hope you guys are having fun on your trip. I like the new blog layout, by the way.