Sunday, July 24, 2011


In case you didn't know, I was away on vacation for the past two weeks.  I didn't advertise the fact that I was going to be away beforehand because quite frankly, I am smarter than that and I didn't want anyone breaking into our lovely home and stealing any of our lovely things.  There was a break in though while we were gone and while they didn't steal anything, someone slept on my side of the bed and left clean dishes on the counter by the sink to dry.  Matthew assures me it wasn't him so I am left wondering as to who would do such a thing?  Any ideas?

Ian and I had a great time away in Las Vegas and Los Angeles with our youngest son Nathan and his wife Emily.  It was extremely hot and made the 49 degree celsius (with the humidity factored in) we came home to, seem quite pleasant.  I won't bore you with all our goings on but I think I will dedicate my next few posts to some of the things we experienced on our vacation.

Before heading to Las Vegas we spent a day in the state of New York at a roller coaster park called Darien Lake.  When we first pulled up and saw all the cars we almost turned around and left, thinking that we would be hours waiting in line to get on a ride but once inside the park we were pleasantly surprised and hardly waited at all.  When it got too hot we ducked inside one of the retail stores to cool off in the air-conditioning.  Here are a few of the items available for purchase (thank you Emily for taking the pictures).  Remember this is a theme park... with roller coasters... and a water park.  It was just so unexpected.

If you weren't interested in a t-shirt, you could always get a Christian Barbie Doll.  I didn't take a good look at the body proportions because I was too busy judging the immodest dress of the one on the right. That's right, I said judge but it's okay because it's a doll.  Sparkly tights do not make up for a super short skirt.  If I saw  a girl walking down the street wearing that outfit, Christian would be the last thing that crossed my mind. 


  1. OH MY! So good to have you back! Thank you for bringing back photo-treats!

  2. Hey FeeFee.. Next time you're in Darien Lake I want one of those Rockin Tee-shirts, I like the Lifeguard one especially. I'd pay you for it!