Tuesday, June 7, 2011


My biggest fear for Matthew when he was young was that he would grow up to bilk little old ladies out of their life savings.  That boy had charm and knew how to use it, he could sell sand to a nomad.   His powers of persuasion have gotten me into a trouble on more than one occasion.   I remember him telling me to watch as he convinced a lady to break her own rule of not making any changes to a billeting list at a youth conference so that he could stay at the same place as his friends.  I had already seen a number of youth  try the same ploy to no avail. It took Matthew all of five minutes to accomplish his mission.  At high school he often talked teachers into giving  him a higher mark than was originally granted him.  The boy had some serious skills.  

My fears of him bilking old ladies were unfounded (as they usually are, must be a mother thing) and he has turned into an amazing young man who honours his wife, adores his children, and is quick to help others.  He has an amazing sense of humour and even though he no longer tries to get me to laugh at inappropriate times (I miss that) he still likes to make me laugh.   I couldn't be prouder of him.

Happy Birthday Matthew!


  1. Okay, the post is good...but the colour pallette of the photo - EVEN BETTER!

  2. He once convinced our District President here in Dunedin that using the church owned projector for a shooting game on the Xbox at his house was ok when it wasn't supposed to leave the chapel and was only supposed to be used for pious activities. What a champion! Almost life size Master Chief running around thwacking a megaton Hammer to the face is why my testimony of the gospel is so strong. Thank you Matthew!

  3. Lika I said, the boy has skills.