Thursday, May 19, 2011


There was a time when I loved to go grocery shopping( I know, I'm weird), it was my night out when the kids were little and I got to spend money... guilt free!  That all changed when the kids were teenagers and it became a never ending chore.  There was the odd occasion when I could convince Ian to take on this odious task and it was always met with varying degrees of success.  The lists I would send with him may as well have been written in encrypted code and my pleas to stick strictly to the list fell on deaf ears.  He has gotten better over the years and no longer brings home twenty cans of something we will never eat just because said item was on clearance. "Can you believe how cheap this is?" he would ask.  I hated to crush the enthusiasm and pride in his deal finding skills so I would bite my tongue and shake my head in disbelief  that the grocery store would be so generous as to sell high quality no name spam for just fifty cents a can.  I have not however been able to curb his propensity for purchasing  expensive items such as cherries out of season and tins of Belgian chocolate biscuits.  I have to admit I enjoy sending him out for a few items at Christmas time just so I can see what unexpected goodies he will bring home. He never disappoints.

Today we went grocery shopping together.  I learned a couple of things.
1. I need to drive the cart, is that the right term?  I know cart etiquette(and there is a certain etiquette) and the route through the store.  Ian does not.
2. Ian rearranging the items in the cart as I put them in drives me crazy, I didn't tell him though because I'm a fairly  decent wife.  It is a wonder though that in the more than thirty years that I have done all the grocery shopping, I have managed to make it home without crushed bread or broken eggs...nay, it is a near miracle. How did I (and the food) survive all these years without him?

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