Monday, April 4, 2011


Top ten signs that you were a good mother.

  1. You read to your kids almost every night.
  2. You did helped your kids with their homework.
  3. You fed your kids healthy, well balanced meals every day.
  4. You read scriptures and had family prayer almost every day.
  5. You gave your kids lots of praise and affection. 
  6. You played with your kids.
  7. You sang to your  kids.
  8. You taught your kids manners.
  9. You made sure your kids were clean and well rested.
  10. You taught your kids essential skills.

Top ten signs that perhaps you were not the best mother:

  1. You laughed when your kids told you the mischief they'd been up to.
  2. You paid your kids a quarter to slide down the stairs in a cardboard box.
  3. You laughed when your child took a tumble out of a SLOW moving van.
  4. You told your kids to go play outside but be mindful of bears then snuck around the back of the house and growled loudly.
  5. You made your kids ride on roller coasters even though they were scared just so you didn't have to ride alone.
  6. You encouraged your son to go into a lingerie store and ask to try on the underwear.
  7. You slammed on the brakes and screamed when your kids fell asleep in the car.
  8. You showed up at  the school cafeteria on your daughter's 16th birthday in a gorilla costume with a bouquet of balloons and a birthday cake to share.
  9. You fed your son and his friends pancakes with tiny little weevils in them for an April Fool's joke.  Your in laws may or may not have been fed them too.
  10. When people called to tattle report your children's misbehaviour, they would ask for their father even though you were the one that answered the phone.

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