Sunday, April 3, 2011


I have to say it was quite enjoyable watching my super organized husband search for his glasses and watch on April 1st.  I hadn't really planned on pulling a prank on him because by now he's wise to me and it's hard to get him.  When I awoke on Friday morning I felt disappointed that I hadn't even attempted a prank, it was then that I spotted his glasses and watch sitting on his nightstand.  He puts them there every night before he goes to bed.  I could hear him getting out of the shower so I quickly grabbed them and slid them under the covers and pretended to still be asleep.  As he walked over to the dresser to get his socks, I opened one eye and mumbled good morning to him.  He walked over to his nightstand and wondered aloud about where his watch could be.  I pretended to not pay attention.  He muttered something about maybe it being in his office and off he went in search of them.  I remained in bed giggling under the covers.  He soon returned and now realized that his watch was missing too.  He looked at me but I played it cool, pretending to be semi comatose (my usual morning persona) and mumbled something about having no clue as to where they'd be.  He opened the drawer and then checked the floor beside the bed.  He was totally bewildered.  He went into the bathroom to see if perhaps he had left them in there the night before.  When he came back out, I threw back the blanket to reveal their hiding place. "Happy April Fool's Day"

To end the day, I served my lovely little grandchildren veggies for dinner only they were really Starburst candy I cut and moulded to look like peas and carrots.  They have never eaten their veggies so eagerly before.

Did you pull a prank or get pranked for April Fool's?

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