Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Ian isn't known for his gift giving prowess.  I don't hold it against him or show disappointment when he gives a less than stellar gift, after all most men are a bit clueless in that department.  In fact most of my  friends have complained to me at some time or another that after dropping major hints as to what they would like for their birthday or for Christmas, they are most usually disappointed  by what they receive.  Let's face it ladies, hints don't work with men.  You basically have to spell it out in bold letters for the guys to get it.

Some of Ian's infamous gifts?

A vacuum cleaner.  Okay, so we needed one... badly... but a vacuum cleaner?

A garden wagon which just happened to match the riding lawn mower and which I had to put together.  His comment?  "I know how you like to put things together."  um ... Thank you?

A dog training book by the Dog Whisperer for Christmas.  Might have come in handy if we had a dog!  It prompted a false excitement that we were getting a dog. (Ian knew that I enjoyed watching the show)

Liqueur filled chocolates.  Now I know of a few of my friends who would have been happy with those but I don't drink.

These gifts were chosen with a lot of thought and I appreciated both the gifts and the giver.   We did need a vacuum and the garden wagon was very handy and much used, the dog training book I was able to pass on to a friend with an unruly dog.  I don't think she read it.  I can't remember what I did with the liqueur filled chocolates, perhaps ate them in a a moment of weakness brought on by PMS?   I most likely passed them on to someone who would enjoy them.

Sometimes, Ian surprises the heck out of me by presenting a gift that exceeds all expectations like the time he took me dog sledding for my birthday.  It was an amazing almost death defying experience that I will never forget.  This Christmas this is what I found under the Christmas tree...

That's right, an ipad.  Months of hinting and begging and imploring paid off.  Ian you are honestly the best husband ever and not just because you got me an ipad (but it helps).


  1. That is so funny. I think you will be able to relate to this video. Not sure if you have seen it already. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Twivg7GkYts&feature=related

    Good for you for getting an ipad. I am jealous!!

  2. Haki just apologises as a present. Most years. ;)