Monday, January 3, 2011


I sent out our annual Christmas newsletter a few days after Christmas.  What's new right?  Anyway, for those of you that have received it, here are the answers.  For those of you that didn't... I am sure it's because you live so far away and your letter is taking it's good old time getting there.  This post will make a lot more sense once you receive the letter.


You got to fill out the newsletter because quite frankly, I thought you would enjoy filling it out yourselves. You got it late because yes, I procrastinated yet again.

I visited New Orleans for the first time this year.  I especially enjoyed visiting the French Quarter and I earned enough beads to keep my grandchildren happy for years to come.  Okay, I didn't actually "earn" the beads ( Ian got as many as I did).   Unfortunately I visit the dentist at least once a year and the cleaning supply aisle in the store even more frequently believe it or not.

Although I give Ian a hard time about colour coordinating his closet, he spent most of his spare time golfing.  He doesn't get a whole lot of free time now though with his new calling as a Stake President in our church.

Adam is still living the bachelor life in Seoul Korea.  We miss him and want him to move closer.  We hoped with all the tension between the north and south (to the point of talking of war), that it would be enough for him to hightail it out of there.  At least he calls fairly often.

Matthew and Kere are expecting their fourth baby in July of this year.  They are thinking it's going to be a boy but there have been no ultrasounds yet to confirm.  I cannot speak for Matthew but Kere is definitely a Harry Potter wannabe.

As much as I'd love to announce that Olivia and Daniel are expecting twins, I cannot.  They're not even having one.  Slackers!  They did move to New Zealand and of course they miss us terribly.  They plan on returning sometime later this year.   We can hardly wait.

Brittany and Ben bought their first home, a townhouse in Burlington.  They will take possession sometime in late January.  I get my own room and can decorate it any way I like.  I am thinking 70's disco style with black lights.  Brittany and Ben welcomed a little girl into their family last September.  She is a sweet little thing and even though she is clone of her father, we've decided to accept her anyway.

Nathan married his brother in law's sister which gave him automatic citizenship in Arkansas.  He and Emily got new phones which may not seem newsworthy but they are Blackberry Torches which is apparently a big deal.  I have discovered that Nathan's newest goal in life is to become a vampire.  I think he enjoyed the
"Twilight" series a bit too much. He probably thinks he could win "The Hunger Games" too.

Our four grandchildren do make more mess than a category five hurricane (actually just two of them do)but the fact that they are so cute saves them, and for the record I have never caught them playing in the toilet.  That doesn't mean they haven't.

Ian and I both wish you health and happiness and all the best for the coming year.

Those are the answers.  How did you do?

Oh, and here are the pictures I promised.