Thursday, January 13, 2011


For Christmas, we sent Adam some money to buy himself a new winter coat because he had left his old one here at home a whole year ago.  He called today from Korea and I asked if he had purchased one yet.  He told me no but that he had been looking.  He had found one he quite liked but he was waiting to see if he could find something he liked better.   It was then that I realized that my hopes of him getting married in the near future are pretty much dashed.  He can't even commit to a winter coat let alone a relationship.
"What's so hard about buying a coat?" I asked.  "You go shopping, find something you like, and try it on.  It fits? great. It looks good on you? wonderful.  Others think it looks good on you? bonus.  Buy the thing!

Since he is turning 29 in a few weeks I have decided to take matters into my own hands.  I am now accepting applications for a potential daughter-in-law. So all you single ladies out there take notice.


  • handsome
  • bright
  • musically talented
  • kind
  • mormon
  • has a great sense of humour

What girl can resist this? 

I hope he has enough of a sense of humour to forgive me for this.  : )


  1. He'll forgive you...eventually.

  2. Ohhhhh my gosh Fionna!!! Hahahaha!!

    ...but you forgot to mention the whole overseas bit!

  3. Hahahahahahahahaha!!!! He's real cute for sure but 10 yrs too young for me. Too bad though. I would have had the bestest mother-in-law. ;-)

  4. I shared this in Google Reader. Hopefully some of my single friends will submit applications. :)

  5. Clicked over from Sherry's share--am intrigued. :)


  6. You might want to throw the car in too! That may sweeten the deal.

  7. Lisa, I hope he does.
    Heidi, I did mention briefly that he was in Korea but you are right for now it would have to be a long distance relationship.
    Ginette, of course I would be the bestest mother in law ever just ask my daughters in law. Wait a minute...don't.
    Sherry, thank you for sharing, it means a bigger pool from me to draw from.
    Heidikins, send in your resume.
    Sandi, the car is his father's but is certainly negotiable with the right applicant.

  8. Holy heck, that's hilarious. He should come back to Dunedin for a spell - the female to male ratio still sits at about 20:1 amongst the YSAs. Oh, Adam...