Sunday, October 3, 2010


I have poked fun at both my husband and son-in-law in the last couple of posts so it's only fitting that I should confess that I am not above being confounded or confused myself but I guess you already know that from my Tales of the Crypt.

When I was a quite young (4 or 5) we had a radio not too unlike the one pictured above.  When you turned on the power, a light would come on inside and on our model, if you turned the radio just the right way, you could see a bit through the speaker cloth.

One day the DJ announced that the next song to be played would be by the Beatles.  I heard Beatles but thought "beetles" and was incredulous.  Surely not?  Beetles?... beetles can't play music. I immediately rushed to the radio and spent the entire song trying to look through the speaker cloth to see if I could spot little beetles playing musical instruments inside our radio.

I think it's funny that not once had I questioned my belief that tiny little people played music inside our radio but the minute the DJ said "Beatles" I became a skeptic.

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  1. That's funny! When I was 5, i had a Holli Hobby Play oven. I used up all the little packets of cake mix so I decided to go around the house to find my own ingredients. This was my very first attempt at making cake from scratch. The home made product did not taste the same but I managed to eat some of it and even offered some to my mother. To her horror, she found out that I had used flour, tide, javex, mint toothpaste and chocolate exlax. Off I went to the emergency department to get my stomach pumped. I am a much better cook today. Honest!! Like you, my little brain was not fully developed yet. ;-)