Saturday, July 31, 2010


Matthew, Kere, and the kids stayed over last night.  I love it when they do except for the whole kids getting up at the crack of dawn thing.   William's bedroom is just above ours so I can usually hear his little feet running across the hardwood floor first thing in the morning.  He only weighs about thirty five pounds but it sounds as though there is a whole herd of elephants trampling around up there.  Well maybe it's not that bad but at 6:15 in the morning it sounds pretty similar.

This morning I did not hear a peep.  Ian the sweetheart that he is (and morning person too I might add), took William downstairs and fed him breakfast in the family room (a rare treat).   I made my way downstairs at about 8:30 to find them watching a movie together.
"It took me half an hour to figure out how to put this flipping movie on."  Ian complained.   Kere and I broke out into fits of laughter.   He was still complaining about it hours later as if it were my fault that he found it so difficult to put in a movie.

Oh how I love my technotard.

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