Friday, July 30, 2010


I am the handyman in the house.  There is a reason for this.  We discovered early in our marriage that I was just more adept at that kind of thing.  If something came unassembled and with more than a page of instructions it was given to me to put together.


Of late, Ian has taken more of an interest in these things therefore I felt pretty comfortable in letting him handle the yearly changing of our water filter.  The filter is located in a dark corner of the crawl 
space in our basement right next to the water pump (we are on well water).  I carefully went through the instructions including clearly informing him that he would need to shut the water off to the filter.  He disappeared for a while and came back quite proud of himself.  He had successfully changed the filter.  I was proud of him too.

 Last week, he informed me that it was time to change the filter (the OCD in him makes him mark it on the calendar).  I was going to remind him that he had done it quite successfully the last time and maybe we should flip for it but decided it would be easier to just go and do the job.  I made my way to the filter and it was then that I discovered that a whole year before, Ian had forgotten to turn the water to the filter back on.  Yes, there is a reason I am the handyman.


  1. Yes but which is unnerving - him forgetting to turn the water back on or all of you not noticing that he hadn't for a WHOLE YEAR?! :P

  2. Oh Ian I love you, in a friend kind of way, that is.

  3. it is clear to me that Ian meant to do that. Now he will never have to do that kind of work again! He is brilliant!

  4. Is that your tactic Phil? I'll be letting Sandi know.

  5. Fionna, with each passing day i find another similarity in our lives.