Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Admit it, you read the blog title and started singing Vanilla ice, ice, baby in your head.  

I hope you're sitting down while reading this because I wouldn't want you falling over with shock when I announce that I have already started making Christmas gifts.  Crazy eh?  One of the things I am making this year is homemade vanilla essence.  It is simple to make but must steep for about two months before it can be used.  Look at me being all organized, my husband should be impressed.

One of the key ingredients when making vanilla essence is vodka.  Being a Mormon, the thought of going to the liquor store made me feel a little uneasy.  "What if someone I know spots me" I fretted to a friend.  "Even though it is for something totally innocent it just doesn't look good."
My friend's suggestion?  "Wear a disguise."  That comment made me laugh out loud.  That would make me look even more guilty, skulking around the liquor store wearing a disguise.

I headed into the liquor store and quickly found the vodka aisle, looked for the cheapest and largest bottle I could find, and made my way to the checkout.  The man at the cash register asked if I had found everything I was looking for.  I told him yes and explained almost guiltily about why I was buying such a large bottle.  I don't think he believed me.  I hurried from the store relieved I that I had not been spotted.  As I was climbing into my car I accidentally pushed the panic button on the key fob. Suddenly my forty ounce bottle of vodka and I were the whole focus of attention in the parking lot. So much for going unnoticed.

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